New Jersey Technology & Manufacturing Association





JOB TITLE:               Process Technician

DEPARTMENT:        Production – Eatontown

REPORT TO:             Molding Manager

DATE:                        February 23, 2018


POSITION SUMMARY: Responsible for setting up, changing over, troubleshooting and documenting process problems associated with plastic injection molding as well as related equipment (robots, conveyors, scales, grinders, blenders etc.).



  1. Performs start-ups on all mold changes.
  2. Addresses defect notices and makes appropriate process changes.
  3. Troubleshoots machines and process problems.
  4. Monitors and documents production processes.
  5. Communicates problems effectively to Molding Manager, Production Supervisor, Maintenance Department and Tool room Personnel and other shifts.
  6. Corrects and prevents unsafe conditions.
  7. Changes nozzles, nozzle tips, nozzle heater bands, etc. as needed.
  8. Maintains housekeeping of machines and molding rooms.



  1. Cleans, changes and sets up auxiliary equipment and mold as needed.


  1. Must have a minimum of three years of experience in injection molding with a minimum of 3 years of processing experience.
  2. Must possess high school diploma or GED. Associates Degree in Plastics preferred.
  3. Must be able to read, write and speak English in order to communicate and understand relevant information relating to quality and production issues.
  4. Must possess basic math skills and mechanical aptitude.
  5. Must be able to work effectively, communicate with others verbally and in writing and be willing to work as a member of a team.
  6. Must have basic PC skills including Microsoft Word, Excel. SAP experience preferred.
  7. Must be able to generate 160 foot pounds of torque on mold clamp bolts using a 24” torque wrench.
  8. Must be able to safely work around molding machines.
  9. Must be able to hear warning signals and verbal alerts to avoid injury during manufacturing process.
  10. Must be able to lift load up to 65 pounds from floor level to above the waist.
  11. Must be able to reach operator’s station and CRT control panel from standing position - approximately 5 ft.
  12. Must have good visual acuity and the ability to detect visual changes in plastic under a microscope.
  13. Must be able to discern shades of color and color differences relating to component parts used in the manufacturing process.
  14. Must be able to operate a forklift.
  15. Must be willing and able to perform all Molding Technician and Stock handler job duties.