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48 Brown Avenue Springfield New Jersey 07081


We are a "full-service" shop. GCE takes pride in our fast and excellent service as well as our extensive knowledge of many problem-solving situations. 

Our Versatile Abilities

This facility is working the fields of Aerospace, Military, Nuclear, Commercial, Medical and Tool & Die industries. GCE has recently been awarded approval of welding procedures by Newport News and Bath Iron Works. 

We employ two Level III inspectors who are qualified in all GCE's methods. The methods we offer are Radiography, Liquid (Dye) Penetrant, and Magnetic particle inspections in our testing department.

Our weld shop is well versed in many disciplines. The processes available are TIG, MIG, Pulsed MIG, PTA and Oxy fuel. We have many procedures qualified to join and/or overly many metals, from the common steels to the exotics. 

We can handle most CAD file types, and we have the ability to scan and print wide format documents and prints.

Another of our services is Micro Laser Welding. This tool extends the microwelding capabilities and solves many overheating and distortion issues usually associated with welding. Some of the benefits of laser welding include:

  • less distortion;
  • very little or no heat sink;
  • computer controlled heat and travel speed allow greater control of dilution;
  • ability to use filler rods as small as .005 ";
  • Micro-weld copper alloys and aluminum;
  • welding in deep slots.

Our company has successfully implemented ISO 9000 as of 3/27/03 and we have just successfully completed our fourth NADCAP audit. With our new CNC machining centers and CMM inspection capabilities, we can supply you with a wide variety of services and items. 

GCE is currently listed on qualified vendor lists for such companies as Boeing Corp, Breeze Eastern, Curtiss Wright, Englehard, Grumman, Kearfott, Plessy, Northrop, Purolator, Smiths Aerospace, Unison Industries, and Valcor Engineering.

Our Services

G. Cotter offers a full range of welding, NDE and fabricating services:

  • Conventional welding
  • Non Destructive Testing
  • Radiography testing
  • Magnetic particle testing
  • Fluorescent penetrant testing
  • Laser micro welding
  • Abrasive finish blasting
  • Hard surfacing
  • Machining
  • Heat treating
  • Pressure testing
  • "Complete to Print" Service=Another addition to our services is "Complete to Print" service. Managing the entire process from drawing and specification review, part fabrication, part inspection, quality inspection, NDE, heat treating, shot peening and surface treating- providing finished, high-quality work on time and to spec. 
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