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What is 5S?

There are systems that can transform a workplace from one of disorder and clutter to an organized and productive one. 5S is one of those systems. 5S is workplace organization designed to improve worker safety, productivity, quality and efficiency.  And it accomplishes this by removing what’s called the 7 Wastes.

Do you recognize any of these 7 Wastes in your workplace?

1.    Defects: These are products or services that deviate from customer specifications. Most people only think of the scrap cost associated with a defect. The costs of problem solving, materials, labor hours, paperwork and decreased customer retention are much higher than the scrapped item.

2.    Inventory: This is the amount of raw materials, work in progress or finished goods that a company is holding. Each piece of inventory being carries a cost and is likely gathering interest. There are additional costs from overproduction, storage, transportation costs, damage, loss and paperwork.

3.    Motion: Just because an employee is moving doesn’t mean they’re working. Think of all the wasteful steps in a current process in your facility. Are employees forced to take unnecessary steps to perform their job function? Employees that exert more energy on non-value added processes like lifting, retrieving or searching produce less. They’re also at higher risk of injuries.

4.    Non-Value Added Processes: Are employees spending time and energy doing work that isn’t part of their job? For example, are they sanding or polishing areas that aren’t visible in its final form? Not only does that cost time and labor, but there’s also increased material and equipment usage. The more a company uses equipment, the more costs are associated with maintenance, service, repair and replacement.

5.    Overproduction: This is often considered the worst of the seven wastes. Producing products or services too fast or too often has its own set of problems. Overproduction leads to unreliable processes, unbalanced work cells and inaccurate predictions of future orders. Overproduction is also responsible for holding up capital in raw materials, stocked items and finished goods. As a rule of thumb, companies should avoid overproduction by balancing supply to demand.

6.    Transportation: The cost of transportation in manufacturing is always a loss to the bottom line. There’s a reason why many suppliers are within close proximity to their plants. By limiting transportation distances, companies can minimize the costs of overproduction, transport, storage, damage, loss and material handling fees.

7.    Waiting: How often do you notice employees standing around? Are they waiting for a previous step in the process to be completed? Are they waiting for parts, supplies or products to arrive? Are they waiting for clear instructions on their next step? The cost of waiting is huge and you can never recover those costs. There are ways to reduce waiting costs. For example, you can implement standard operating procedures (SOP). SOPs ensure clear communication, improve time management and minimize transport between work cells.

By removing waste and developing standardized processes, you can achieve a clean and organized workplace. 5S assesses everything in the current workplace. Then, removes what’s unnecessary and performs ongoing housekeeping tasks. Finally, 5S provides storage solutions that allow workers to be more productive and less stressed.

At The 5S Store, it’s more than just changing processes. It’s a way of changing behaviors for the better. The 5S Store believes that the key to productivity and success is to enable employees to have a personal stake in their job. To do that, employees must have ownership over their positions. Through clear direction, improved habits and standardized practices, employees can become more confident in their abilities. And that confidence inspires problem solving and attention to detail that may have been lacking before.

Examples of Organizational systems include:

·        Bins

·        Clips

·        Labels

·        5S floor tape

·        Magnetic clipboards

·        Peg Boards

·        Pouches

·        5S Shadow boards

·        Signs

·        Trash barrels

·        Visual management

5S Store Inventory Includes:

·        Customizable 5S products

·        Kits

·        Material handling

·        Posters

·        Tool control

·        Total productive maintenance

·        Training materials

·        Visual management and much more!

5S Store Consulting Services include:

·        Assessments

·        Cell design

·        Kaizen events

·        On-site training

·        Production work flow improvements

·        Stockroom design and much more!

With The 5S Store, you know you’re getting the most out of your management strategy. With over 100 years of combined experience, The 5S Store has grown to be the leading provider of 5S Visual Management supplies and support.

Let the 5S team help you improve the profitability, productivity, quality and efficiency of your business.


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