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Exothermic Molding, Inc.

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50 Lafayette Place / Kenilworth, NJ 07033


Exothermic Molding is one of the pioneers in the RIM Molding industry and provides Reaction Injection Molded (RIM) parts to industrial markets including medical, electronic, and lab instruments. Since its beginning, the company has expanded into many other applications and markets, but remains committed to the RIM Molding process.

Exothermic Molding is a state-of-the-art facility with modern computerized Programmable Logic Controlled machinery. This includes urethane metering units, environment controlled, positive pressure spray booths with air make up and bake and cure capability, and modern CNC machining centers.

From the very beginning the Exothermic Molding philosophy was to provide exceptional customer value.

In addition to the company’s complete design evaluation and molding capabilities, it provides value added assembly and top-quality painting and silk-screening services as part allowing first-rate, finished parts to go directly to the customer’s assembly lines.  Through its “painting plastics” services, Exothermic Molding has the capacity to provide “automotive quality” clear coat finishes for both plastics and metals, and supplies painting services to many thermo-form and injection molders.  It’s often-used Value-Added Assembly services offers sourcing and sub-assembling of other matching components further enhancing the customer’s value.

Industrial Designers and Mechanical Engineers continue to discover the great design flexibility and outstanding value of working in RIM at Exothermic Molding.  As the benefits of Reaction Injection Molding become more apparent, it is being recognized as a preferred manufacturing process.  The firm is at the forefront of RIM manufacturing, and no matter where the technology leads, the company will be there as it heads into its fifth decade.

The benefits of reaction injection molding include:

  • Large, sculpted parts can be molded economically.
  • Variable thickness walls within the same mold allow for greater design freedom. Wall thickness may range from .125 to 1.125 inches.
    • Closed molds produce accurately molded and structurally strong parts.
    • Lower tooling cost and shorter tooling lead time.
    • A wide variety of material properties including UL94VO.
    • Electronic components, metal parts, glass and other materials are easily encapsulated.
    • RIM parts are lower cost than the same parts made from metal or fiberglass.
    • Compared to fiberglass, RIM parts have improved repeatability.
    • Composites - RIM parts can be reinforced with many materials.
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