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Orycon Control Technology, Inc.

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3407 Rose Avenue Ocean NJ 07712


ORYCON Hot Runner Systems specializes in Hot Runner Systems for Plastics Injection Molding. Since 1981, ORYCON has been a leading innovator in the field. Many improvements introduced by ORYCON have become common practice in the industry. Today we are at the forefront with systems that perform in the most demanding applications. ORYCON manufactures a complete line of Hot Runner Systems including Sprue-Bushings, Nozzles, Manifold Systems, pre-tested Hot Halves, as well as heavy duty Temperature Controllers. ORYCON Nozzles employ a patented heat equalizer that make them suitable for processing all thermo-plastic materials including heat-sensitive engineering resins. Sizes range from miniature for medical applications to very large for recycling containers in Metric and Inch standards. ORYCON Temperature Controllers use patented cooling methods, which allow the units to operate without a fan, preventing dust and contaminants from entering the chassis and disrupting the circuitry. They are standardized in 1, 2, 6, 9 or 12 zones and may be stacked to achieve any number of control zones.

Injection Molding
Commerical Goods, Medical