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CSM Worldwide, Inc. is an engineering and manufacturing leader in the air pollution control industry established in 1897.  CSM designs, engineers, manufactures, installs and maintains custom air pollution control systems which destroy volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and harmful oxides of nitrogen (NOx) prior to exhausting into the atmosphere. CSM provides a host of equipment and systems that specialize in emission abatement and energy recovery.

CSM specializes in the area of catalytic oxidizers, thermal oxidizers, regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO), and regenerative catalytic oxidizers (RCO).  CSM is also a leader in Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) systems.

CSM is committed to clean air and is dedicated to providing innovative industrial pollution control solutions. From concept to completion, CSM is there ensuring that quality is built into every step of the process.

Engineering Services

Working with clients at every phase of a project, CSM provides a broad range of essential engineering services, including:

  • Project management suited to a project's particular requirements
  • Mechanical, electrical, process design and controls engineering
  • Procurement and expediting
  • Shop testing
  • Quality assurance

Project definition, planning and execution are the three main elements of a successful project managed by CSM. Our project engineers meet several times with customers over the course of a project, beginning with a kickoff meeting with the customer to begin discussions of project details that will open the door to further communication with the customer's plant engineers and other personnel relevant to the project. Through ongoing discussions and site visits, we help define the project, outlining both the challenges and viable solutions.

At a customer's request, we are happy to provide a number of additional services to ensure the total and ongoing success of the project, including:

  • Preventive maintenance, which includes comprehensive inspection of the pollution control system, electronics enclosure, interlocks, valves and dampers, system data and software, and panel heaters
  • On-site engineering supervision, to ensure that the system installation is done right the first time
  • Design packages and drawings for components purchased independently by the customer (e.g., ductwork)

Installation Services

CSM provides turnkey installation services, from start to startup. We assign a project manager and field supervisor to make sure all schedules are met and that the installation ultimately meets CSM's high standards - and yours:

  • Site review and design evaluation are performed before installation begins.
  • Mechanical equipment, insulation, ducting and supports are pre-installed to avoid shutting you down.
  • Ductwork is balanced for multiple air flows.
  • Installation is 24/7 until it is complete.
  • Our system is totally transparent to your process.

Once your system has been installed, CSM assumes full responsibility for getting your facility online and compliant in the time frame that is optimal for you. Startup time is typically within a week of installation, and that includes operator orientation and training. Moreover, we minimize your downtime for tie-in to no more than 24 to 36 hours.

Other Services

  • Compliance Testing
  • Catalyst Services
  • Field Service
  • Replacement Parts
  • Emergency Services
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