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Andantex USA, Inc.

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1705 Valley Road Wanamassa NJ 07712


Since our inception in 1980, Andantex USA objectives remain the same: Providing quality unique gearboxes and solutions for use on industrial machinery.

All Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing and after market support are located at our headquarters in Wanamassa, New Jersey.

Each member of our sales and engineering teams offer our customers the technical expertise required to meet their application requirements, custom designs, support and solutions to enhance productivity.

As part of the global network of companies and products sold under the Redex-Andantex brand name, and in conjunction with world class rack manufactures, Andantex USA is recognized as a leading provider of high-precision motion control components and systems.

Andantex, USA is your source in North America for the following products (click for link)

Products & Services

  • Servo Reducers-Planetary
  • Mini Servo Reducer- Planetary
  • Servo Worm Reducers
  • Rack and Pinion Systems and Components
  • 2 Speed Spindle Gearboxes
  • Automatic Lubrication System
  • Lifting Systems
  • Made to Order Large Gears
  • Right Angle Gearboxes
  • Differentials
  • Mechanical Clutches
  • Reducers & Multipliers
  • Magnetic Particle Brakes, Clutches & Torque Limiters
  • Electronics & Controllers
  • Transducers & Sensors
  • After Market

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