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As one of the largest deep hole and gun drilling plants in the country, if you design the shape, we will drill the holes. We meet US Government specifications and work closely in the nuclear, aerospace, national defense and commercial industries. At Betar, we are proud of our diverse machining capabilities and we can work with small quantities as well as full scale production runs.

Gun Drilling & Deep Hole Drilling


As one of the largest deep hole and gun drilling plant int he country, Betar, Inc. has the experience and expertise to drill precise holes for even the most sensitive applications. From angle and ball-end holes to blind and concentric holes, we 'll adapt to meet your specific standards, tolerances, and materials. 

Just because you 're short on time doesn 't men you have to skimp on quality: we offer rush services to ensure you get what you need, when you need it. And if your project calls for than deep hole drilling, we offer honing, grinding, and full machining. 

Ready to get started? For all your deep hole and gun drilling needs, or to learn about our other services, contact Betar today. 

Honing Services




From large machine components to more intricate valves and gears, Betar Inc. 's honing services can accommodate a diverse range of applications-and diverse production volumes. We pride ourselves on being able to meet tight tolerances (+/- .0002), so you 'll never have to worry about fit or functionality.

Our premier equipment enables us to handle up to 5,000 pounds in part weight, as well as a variety of lengths, widths, and diameters. And because we 're seasoned experts with a variety of metals, plastics, and exotic metals-including graphite and ceramic-you 'll know your project is in good hands.

We accept most common file formats, so it 's easy to get started: contact Betar today for more information about our services.

Turning & Milling Services




As your all-purpose machining company, Betar, Inc. is pleased to offer turning and milling services for large components, contract and part machining, and mold making. Equipped to handle applications ranging from gas turbines and injection molding systems to hydraulic and engine components, our machine capabilities are extensive and include:

  • Contour, form, taper, and straight turning
  • External and internal threading
  • Counter-boring and counter-sinking
  • Knurling and boring
  • Facing and parting
  • Reaming and tapping

Each of our machining processes can be tailored to meet your individual project specifications: We work with a wide range of metals and plastics, and can also accommodate exotic and precious metals, ceramic, and graphite. Knowing that some turning and milling projects require additional work, we also offer welding, plating, heat treatment, and anodizing services.

We accept most common file formats and rush services are available, so it 's easy to get started: Just contact Betar today for a quote.

Custom Machining, Machine Design, Building & Repair


At Betar, Inc., we pride ourselves on our ability to handle all aspects of machining. We 'll start you off right with a Betar fabricated machine or system, built at our facility in New Jersey, and our maintenance and repair services will ensure your machines always receive the care they need. We also offer prototyping, consulting, full documentation, and local trucking services, to provide support along the way.
We 're happy to serve an array of industries, from aerospace to pharmaceutical-and everything in between. In addition to machine fabrication, we also offer other building processes, including:




  • Assembly
  • Cutting and drilling
  • Forming and welding
  • Machining and grinding

To inquire about our services or get started today, please contact Betar

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