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422 Morris Avenue Summit NJ 07901 USA


One of the first questions potential clients ask us is: “What makes you different?”

Our clients are sophisticated. Many have prior experience working with large national and international law firms. Each of our clients face challenges that require legal counsel of the highest caliber. Yet, having considered their options, they have chosen us – a boutique law firm. Why?

We are more than just legal counsel for our clients – we interact with our clients on legal, business, and management issues. Our clients see us not merely as the attorneys but as an integral part of their business process, helping them make key decisions in and outside the ordinary course that, ultimately, will contribute to their success.

Our expertise goes well beyond the law and includes an extensive knowledge of business and how the law interacts with the real world. We possess a deep understanding of the legal system and its application to a wide variety of industries. Significantly, we leverage this knowledge to deliver meaningful and practical results in a strategic, highly efficient manner tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Most importantly, we make our clients stronger.

We are OlenderFeldman.