New Jersey Technology & Manufacturing Association

Our Organization

The New Jersey Technology & Manufacturing Association works to address issues that affect our members’ businesses, by providing resources and interactions that help NJ manufacturing companies build, promote and sustain their businesses. NJTMA began in 1943 as the New Jersey Tooling and Manufacturing Association. In 2014 the name was changed to the New Jersey Technology and Manufacturing Association to reflect the importance of technological advancements to the processes and procedures of the manufacturing world. We support the success of NJ manufacturers and related companies.

We offer three membership categories:

  • Manufacturing Membership is limited to companies and individuals whose work is primarily in operation or management of a manufacturing or tooling facility.
  • Professional Membership is offered to companies and individuals whose products or services may be needed by the membership.
  • Educational Membership is offered free to teachers and administrators of accredited schools including public, private, and vocational institutions.

NJTMA meetings and events are open to all members and visitors, and address a wide range of topics that affect the industry.

The NJTMA Scholarship Fund raises funds to support students seeking careers in manufacturing. The fund is a 501(c)3 entity; donations are tax deductible.

New Jersey Manufacturing and Technology Association strives to support and develop the success of its members by providing a center of knowledge for manufacturing education, technology, marketing, finance, and operations.

The NJTMA Scholarship Fund, acknowledging the current manufacturing skills gap, raises donations to provide scholarships to people seeking careers in manufacturing.


Providing direct and indirect sources of information and assistance


Representing and promoting the interests of member companies


Serving as a forum and clearing house for the exchange of ideas and information


Fostering a sense of mutual support and unity among the members and the industry as a whole